You are not alone in your journey

Our online support group "The Movement Forward" focuses on helping our patients achieve their health & wellness goals.


The Movement Forward is the name of our support group at Sunnybank Obesity Centre.

The focus is to provide a supportive environment & the tools for all of our patients to achieve success with their health & fitness goals following surgery.


Our Private Facebook Group  “The Movement Forward” is a group to designed to inspire & provide members with support & tools to achieve their health & fitness goals following Bariatric Surgery.

Individuals share their stories, upload progress photos, & share insights into what has helped them achieve success following surgery.

For more information visit THE MOVEMENT FORWARD

Articles (Blogs) 

Breakfast Frittata Recipe

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Breakfast frittata (6 serves) Ingredients  1/2 Red Onion 1Tbs Garlic 1/4 bunch Coriander 2 rashes Bacon (optional) 5 Egg whites 4 Whole eggs 1/2 whole Zucchini 1/4 whole Broccoli  Handful…

The Movement Forward with Sharna Oconnor

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A big thanks to everyone that stepped outside of their comfort zone to participate in our very first session of The Movement Forward with Caren Biddulph.Our next Support Group Session…

6 Free Exercise Sessions in Brisbane

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If you are looking to step outside your comfort zone or want an extra challenge; our team have compiled a list of Brisbane's best FREE exercise sessions. The sessions are…

Dahl Curry Recipe

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Dahl Curry (For the curry lover but not too much spice)   Ingredients 2 cups of red lentils 1 tablespoon olive oil Small onion 1 green chilli chopped and deseeded…

Spiced Citrus Meatballs with Garden Greens Recipe

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Meatballs are quick & easy to prepare & the perfect high protein meal to assist you with achieving your health & fitness goals. SPICED CITRUS MEATBALLS WITH GARDEN GREENS Ingredients…

Tips for Complying with your Pre-operative Diet

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Surgical intervention for weight loss (bariatric surgery) can result in substantial weight loss that is sustained over the long-term when combined with education, ongoing monitoring and patient support. Your surgeon…

Yoga & Mindfullnes with Caren

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On Saturday the 21st of May "The Movement Forward" will host our very first support group session with Nutritionist & Yogi, Caren Bidup. The Movement Forward is our support group…