Sunnybank Obesity Centre

Over 25+ years experience in Weight Loss Surgery

Welcome to The Sunnybank Obesity Centre

Sunnybank Obesity Centre is one of Australia’s most established Weight Loss Surgery Clinics with over 25 years experience in helping Australians achieve their weight loss goals.

The clinic is led by Professor Ash Memon who is focused on educating patients to ensure they have the knowledge & confidence to achieve their goals post surgery.

The clinic offers a selection of keyhole based surgery’s including Gastric Banding & less invasive weight loss techniques such as Gastric Ballooning (READ MORE).

As part of the weight loss surgery procedure the support team at the clinic offer services in Nutrition, Psychology  & Exercise to ensure each individual is equipped with the tools to achieve optimal success both before & following surgery (READ MORE).

As part of a strategy for long term success the Sunnybank Obesity Centre facilitate an online support group called “The Movement Forward”. The focus of The Movement Forward is to provide group members with the tools & skills needed to achieve greater health & wellness (READ MORE).

Sunnybank Obesity Centre hosts regular information nights allowing individuals to ask questions and gather information to make informed decisions about the Surgery (READ MORE).

What is the best surgery option for me?

At Sunnybank Obesity Centre we offer an obligation free consultation with our Practice Manager to discuss in person any questions you may have regarding weight loss surgery.

We also host regular information evenings which you (& your family or support team) may attend with no obligations (read more). Talk To Our Friendly Team About Accessing Your Superannuation For Payment.

For all appointments & enquiries, please call (07) 3345-6667

Appointments can be made between 9:00am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


You are not alone in your journey

Our online support group "The Movement Forward" focuses on helping our patients achieve their health & wellness goals.