Professor Memon considers research as inextricably linked to providing evidence based care to his patients. His relentless commitment to this process ensures he is always keeping abreast of what is current in surgical technique. His participation in continuous professional development is his acknowledgement that all specialists need to keep up to date, continue to learn and up skill in order to provide the best and safest care to patients. Professor Memon’s dedication to academia has seen him actively participate in several clinical research projects over the years and his many publications can be viewed in a wide variety of high impact medical journals. We invite you to peruse through his academic work in PubMed or click on the publications tab. Moreover, Prof. Memon’s keen involvement in teaching and examining, both at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, at Bond University and the University of Queensland, as well as with The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, plays a significant role towards achieving this goal.